Your Guide to A Women’s Sexy Lingerie

Lingeries are women’s undergarments. They are fabrics that are used to cover the naked skin and they are known as the innermost garments found behind other body covers.

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Lingeries go back to the late 19th century. They were one of women’s necessities even during the Ancient times. Egyptians and Romans were some of the first to use lingeries. The wealthy and elite people were more particular with comfortability and style in fashion. They were more meticulous to wearing lingeries. Most of these undergarments were covered in beads, jewels and sequins. Lingeries are embroidered with fine silk and linen. They come in different types, some of which are still known today.

Women wore lingeries for reasons such as for hygiene, for fashion, and for body defining. In ancient times when outdoor activities were common for the leisure of many, lingeries were used as for outward body shapes under dresses. These are commonly known as corsets. Corsets were familiar during the year 1825. From early period lingeries were somehow connected to being as a torture of women. The corsets required patience and endurance in order to be worn. They were used to tighten a female’s waist line, reducing it with force. But despite the dubbed torture. women continued wearing this kind of lingerie for almost 350 years.

In 1913, the first bra was invented by Mary Phelps Jacob. She made the bra’s by sewing two handkerchiefs into one. Mary sewed bra’s for her friends and families but not long in 1913 did she market her bra products. As the bra’s became more familiar with the women of ancient times, the corsets were not usually used by then.  

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The Lingerie Today

If lingeries were only known as necessities, they are different for the people of today. Lingeries are now known for mostly being sexy. They are now used for the attraction or for the allurance of another person. Sexy lingeries are now made comfortable. Not only for the attraction of another but they are made to enhance and define a woman’s body shape.

Sexy lingerie for women comes in a wide array of designs. Bra’s are more comfortable to wear. They are sewn used with different kinds of fabric. The bra’s are now filled with gel and air. They can be strapless, padded, backless and also can be convertible. Panties also come in different kinds of thongs. Sexy lingeries today are used for many occasions. These are commonly known for couples which they use to spice up the marriage life. The evolution of sexy lingeries is quite unique. From wearing them as a necessity, to wearing them for fun and intimacy.


The Importance of A Sexy Lingerie Today

A sexy lingerie comes in many uses. As many types of sexy lingeries that can be used, each of the lingeries cover for specific occasions. As mentioned above, they are commonly familiar with couples. But there is actually a deeper reason behind why any woman pursues to wear this undergarment. To women, it is more than just a piece of fabric used to cover the naked skin. The lingeries are more than for the comfortability of many or even for the necessity of wearing it. Sexy lingeries are being worn to make women feel wanted. Not only does it enhance and define a woman’s look or body shape, it makes women feel more feminine.

Sexy lingeries are more familiar to couples because of wedding days. A wedding day is not complete with a sexy bridal lingerie under a wedding dress. Honeymoons are held after weddings and for a couple, this does serve as a very important night. But majority of the women are actually more anxious during their honeymoons. Women like to look more appealing. It matters to them how they look for their groom. Also, it is a big deal for them how they make their grooms feel. Sexy lingerie is one weapon used by women. They serve as an undergarment to spice up a couple’s night. It is still a mystery why men find women more appealing in sexy lingeries. But one thing is sure, that a power of a woman’s sexy lingerie always makes a man weak. A sexy lingerie never fails to spice up a couples night.

The modern day lingerie is made more enhanced than ever. They now come in different fabrics, all made for the comfortability of a woman’s wear. Sexy lingeries are now powered and made with technology also.

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Here are some examples of the types of lingeries:

Types of Sexy Lingeries

  • Corset

They are known to hold the desired body shape. They are ribboned on the back depending on how tight the undergarment should require to achieve the body shape.

  • Babydoll

This is a sexy lingerie made of sheer material. They are short and they come in a sleeveless type of dress.  It is mostly used as a nightgown with a matching type of underwear.

  • Camisole

The camisole is a sleeveless undergarment. They come in thin spaghetti straps. The sexy lingerie’s length extends a little high above the waist.

  • Bustier

The Bustier is known to enhance a woman’s breast size. They are used to up the breasts, making it more bustier or bigger. This sexy lingerie is commonly used as a push-up bra.

  • Corsage

Corsage is a sexy lingerie known to be close to corsets. They are constructed with metals and other kinds of steel.

  • Teddy

This sexy lingerie is sometimes called a cammi knicker. It is sometimes in sleeveless or strapless. They resemble a woman’s bathing suit but more it makes the skin more visible. Similar to the camisole appearance.

  • Bikini

The bikini is familiar with people nowadays. They are commonly used for swimming. This sexy lingerie consists of a bra and panty.

  • Negligee

The Negligee is similar to a nightgown but it is in floor length. It can also be in knee length.

The evolution of sexy lingerie indeed has come a long way. From being as a functional piece of clothing, it has now become an important addition to a woman’s wardrobe. It is now available on a variety of markets. Even now are made more kinky, fashionable and comfortable. But most of all, they are made to boost a woman’s confidence.